These are a few of the most popular question asked at our performances.

Sadly, no, we do not make a living playing music. We all have regular jobs to pay the bills.

Yes. The members of the group have always been fans of the Beach Boys.

Yes. Of the original Beach Boys, We've met Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, David Marks, Bruce Johnston and Mike Love. None of us ever met Carl or Dennis Wilson and we all really regret that. By all accounts, both Dennis and Carl were very special men and had a great deal of encouragement for others. As for other members of the Beach Boys - we know many of them too. Some of the band members have even performed on stage with us. There have been over 50 different musicians in the Beach Boys band over the past five decades.

Surely Mike Love, Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, David Marks, and Bruce Johnston know there are tribute bands. We're fairly sure none of them know about Still Surfin' specifically and we seriously doubt they care that we exist.

Yes and they are a great bunch of guys. Don't miss any chance you have to see their show!

No, we do not play "Mustang Sally." Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad song. I'm sure every member of the band has played it about a thousand times in the past with other bands. But, we're a Beach Boys band. We play their music. Even the songs that we do that were not written or recorded by the Beach Boys were performed live by them at some point. Oh, and we don't play "Freebird" or "The Electric Slide" either.


Thank you for your interest in Still Surfin’, Brian Wilson, and the Beach Boys. We hope that you enjoy the show as much as we enjoy performing for you. If you have a question and it wasn’t listed here, please feel free to e-mail us and we’ll get back to you as soon!

Good Vibes,
Still Surfin’